Thursday, 11 February 2016

What will tomorrow bring

I've had quite a nice day today, can't say the same for human though. She describes it as "one of them days".
Just as she was driving into the village her phone thing rang. One of the dog walkers. A horse has escaped from it's field, it's in the field that used to have sheep in.
Human set off in search of this Houdini horse. He wasn't amused at being removed from the lovely lush grass and being returned to his field. Human made some phone calls, made an attempt at blocking the fencing he had taken down until proper repairs could be made and set off to my field where I was patiently waiting arrival of my breakfast.
I got my breakfast and a nice pile of hay when human noticed a dog walker wandering around with a loose dog where there is no public right of way.
The dog was off into peoples gardens and doing whatever it fancied. It ran over to me and kept running up behind my back legs. I warned it I would boot it into the next field if it didn't leave me alone.
Human reminded the dog walker that she was trespassing and it might be a good idea as she had no control of her dog to put it on a lead in future if she was going to walk through fields of horses. The boys wouldn't be as understanding of wee dog as I was.
Dog walker muttered she had just moved into the village and ran out the field. She didn't have a lead with her silly woman.
Human went off to the yard where my boy Nuggets human was meeting her for a cuppa and some gossip.
Eventually human went home.
Oh dear, silly human couldn't remember locking the boys gate after she returned Houdini. She got one of the other humans to go check. Nope not locked. Even worse the lock was missing. Oops human had only taken it home with her in her pocket hasn't she.
Now it just gets silly. By this time it was dark......thank goodness. When human had got home she had had a bath and put her pj's on. Feeling lazy she just sticks her hi viz coat over her pj's, oh heck she didn't even have any underwear on. What a blooming sight she must have seen. As I said thank goodness it was dark so no one could see. Drove over and locked the gate before going home again.
Not been one of the best days for human.
A great amusing day for me though.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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