Monday, 29 February 2016

Make ya mind up

Well having been well and truly busted scamming human about how much energy I had I decided I wouldn't even go there today.
Human came and got me, I got dressed and off we set. First I had to get human on board. The house next door to the yard is having workmen doing stuff, they park their lorry and van in our yard. RIGHT NEXT to the blooming mounting block. Human being a short legged, aging version of human NEEDS this block to get on board. We did it, I had to do some reversing and micro manoeuvring but we did it and off we went.
We went off to the next village and up the bridlepath there. Human let me walk about half way although I noticed she had the beating stick with her so I did a marching walk rather than the half hearted walk I've been doing last week. Then we did some trotting, that type of trotting when human can't make her mind up whether she wants me to trot or walk. Trot/walk/trot/walk/trot/walk type stuff. Make ya mind up do you want me to trot or walk?
When we got back I had a nice breakfast. Human took my girth and numnah home to wash.
Human had a cuppa while I had my nice breakfast before going back to my field. Human caught the workman and asked him if he could please not park as close to the block. He said sorry he didn't realise.
Human gave me a nice pile of hay in my box which of course I had to sort through to get the nicest bits accidentally spilling hay all over the place. Sorry Stallion I really do like my hay box honestly I do.
Off went human, see you tomorrow for some more fun perhaps?

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