Friday, 5 February 2016

I spy

Yesterday I took human for a quick wee plod, it was nice and relaxing. I was a bit warm when we got back. The weather here is mental for this time of year. It was almost dark by the time we got back.
I intended to spend the night in my room. The two new girls were already in.
It was so warm in my room with my winter fluff. I got very warm and sweaty.
The Stallion has got human a wildlife camera. It has infra red so it can record/take pics in the dark and it's motion activated.
Human thought it would be interesting to see what I got up to in the night. My privacy is being invaded being spied on like that.
Human could see that by 8pm I was all sweaty and hadn't been stressing, I don't do stress human even if you do.
This morning I was very sweaty. So much so human put my lovely fleecy on to keep me warm while I dried off. I'm moving rooms very soon human says I should be a bit more comfortable in my new room as it has more air to it.
I had started to dry when Tom the hoofyman arrived to give me a pedicure. Human went off in a flurry of grandmare-ness as Tom's wife has just had a baby girl. Tom remembered to bring photos for human to coo over.
After he had gone I got dressed and took human out for another wee plod. We went over to the next village today. The wind was very fierce in places.
When I got back I went out to my new temporary field and the new girls came in. They don't get out much, oh dear more grass for me to eat then. I am known as the equine dustbin or equine lawn mower.

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