Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cold plod

Human was early today. I came in with her from my new temporary field with all the grass. Eol wasn't pleased, he kept shouting and shouting. For goodness sake boy calm down.
I got dressed to take human out and off we went. The new girls were in the school charging about like idiots.
Human and I went for a lovely but cold wee plod down the bridlepath and back.
When we got back I went in the school while human had a cuppa, then it was back to all that yummy grass.
I've heard my lovely Grandfoal is coming this weekend to let me take her for a ride. I've not seen her for over 4 months. She has the all clear from the human vets to start riding again.
Can you see me in the photo with my new friends? How much grass is in that field and we are sectioned off from most of it.

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