Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Catch up

I know I know I've been busy y'know.
I have a lot to tell you.
Last week I went for a wee plod with human. The wind was blowing a gale and poor human got really cold. But we both survived.
Then a new girl arrived. She is called Lacey and is a right stress head. Her friend was supposed to be coming too but due to things going wrong wasn't able to come that day.
So human asked me if I'd mind spending the night in my room to keep her company. As long as there is plenty of hay to eat I don't mind. She was very sweet.
She has been at a place where she hasn't been allowed ANY grass for ages. So she can't go out on all our grass or it might make her ill.
I took her out to my field for a bit. It was fun. She needs to learn some manners I don't tolerate young horses with bad manners. So I did some teaching on how to behave in my field. She was a fast learner.
Her friend arrived so I didn't need to spend the next night in my room.
Yesterday she said she wouldn't be allowed out unless I could come with her and her friend to help eat their grass down because there is too much grass in their field. I didn't need asking twice. So the two new girls spent a few hours with me in their field. Sadly it was too long and last night my new friend wasn't well, the vet had to be called.
She was a bit better this morning. I came in and the two new girls went out. Their hooves had barely touched the grass when it was time for them to come in again.
I'm staying out doing my best to eat the grass down for them.
Oops one of the boys got a little excited and broke the fence down. Naughty boy. He got promptly told off and taken back to his field.
I'm still out in the big grassy field. It's great.

The Stallion has got human a wildlife camera. It takes pictures of all the animals who visit my field. There have been a few surprises along with the millions of rabbits. Last night a big fox who looks like he has an injured leg/paw. How sad.

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