Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Fly spray in February?

Human came and got me. She had brought some more bales of hay with her and left them outside my field. Silly human hasn't covered them up so what's a girl to do when stood right next to them, while human locks the gate? Why test it to see if it's acceptable hay of course. Human wasn't impressed as I tried a mouthful of both bales. Unfortunately I managed to pull the lot down as human had cut the strings, well according to human it was my fault. I still say it was her poor stacking.
We got to the yard, oooh what's all this going on? lorries, digger things, concrete mixers. The house next to the yard is have work done and they need access through the yard. I could barely get past the lorry. I had a sniff off all the things there, nothing edible so I carried on to my room.
Brushed and dressed human and I set off for the next village. Again the sun was shining. Human had forgotten the ZoeCam so we avoided the roads. It was rather muddy in places, I stomped through the muddy puddles like a trouper. Even human was impressed.
We never saw a soul.
Back to the yard and I got my breakfast. Mmmm carrot with it again.
Odies human and her friend turned up. I like friend she has nice tasting hands. I kept licking them for her.
Back to my field. Human moved the wildlife camera. I've been posing by it recently much to humans amusement. It's rare to catch any other wildlife than rabbits.

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