Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Sort y'self out human

Oh human you really need to sort yourself out. I know you're getting on a bit but you can't keep doing this.
Today is Tuesday. Today is the 2nd time this week that human has forgotten to bring my bridle so I can't take her out. The weather has been fine. I'm so disappointed we couldn't go anywhere.
You even brought me through the village onto the yard before realising you hadn't got my bridle. It's not on to get my hopes up like that. Sort yourself out.
If anyone sees a brain lying around it's probably my humans do get in touch so it can be reunited with her head.
So apart from a walk through the village and back I'm spending my day in my field. I have hay and I had a nice cooked breakfast. Still would have preferred to have taken human for a wee plod. **sigh**

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