Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Slippy plod

Sat when The Stallion brought my my lovely hay box the sun was shining. That night we had that white stuff falling out of the sky. There wasn't much lying around on Sunday when The Stallion with human arrived again.
Today the sun was out. No snow left and I got to take human out for a wee plod. We went down the bridlepath and slipped and slid our way over to the next village. I did get to do a bit of trotting on the way home once we were on solid non slippy non muddy ground. Not very exciting.
Human lined my hay box so I don't lose any bits of hay out the bottom. Good idea human. I love my haybox. And I love the extra grass you gave me yesterday. I seem to have eaten most of it. How long did you say it was supposed to last me?
Human weighed me with that tape thing. I've put a bit of weight on. Might be something to do with the extra grass + extra hay + nice big lunch. Human says when Mel leaves I can have all her grass and all Rosies grass as well. Not that they have left me much.
There are two new horses coming to Mel and Rosies patch but not for 2 months. I don't know much about them except one is a tiddly wee pony. So I get to have all that extra space until they come do I human? Nice.


  1. We need the extra insulation don't we Zoe when it is cold? ;-) Although it is mild up here just now. I don't suppose it will last though x

    1. We do indeed. Human has plenty of personal biodegradable insulation. Unlike human I'm struggling a bit this year to hang on to mine.