Wednesday, 13 January 2016

She remembered

Good news and not so good news today.
First the good, no great news. Human remembered to bring my bridle with her. So I came in with her, got dressed and took her out for a wee plod.
We had a lovely time. It's still a bit slippy on the muddy bits of the bridlepath and we have to watch out for rabbit holes. Don't want to go down them now do we?
It was nice, just me and human against the world.
When we got back I had a nice warm cooked lunch and went in the school for a munch while human had a cuppa to warm her up.

Now for the not so good news.
Melody my new friend who lives next to me is being sold. Her loaner is possibly buying her you know the grotty teen that drives human to distraction? She won't be allowed to stay at our yard as yard rules are adult humans only. Poor Mel I don't envy her.

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