Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New human day 2

Hurrah, new human came to visit again today. She came with human to my field. While human was doing the cleaning new human was giving me some hay. Mmmm I like new human.
I then came in to the yard with new human and human and I got brushed and cleaned. New human got me dressed for riding but couldn't do the girth up tight enough. Human came to the rescue. So all was good.
I then took new human in the school for a while and showed her some trendy bendy stuff before taking her for a wee plod down the bridlepath. Human came with us some of the way. She waited by the bench after showing us where the big dangerous rabbit holes are.
When we got back I got undressed before getting a nice cooked breakfast. After breakfast I went back to my field for carrots and hay.
Sadly new human is back at school tomorrow so I don't think I'll be seeing too much of her. It was fun while it lasted.

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