Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mud mud mud

Human was a bit later today. She came in my field with the biggest pile of hay ever. I'll have that if you don't mind. She plonked it down and I started to tuck into it while human did the cleaning.

She noticed Mel has discovered her trick fencing doesn't have any trick running through it. Aha only a matter of time before she gets herself out onto that last bit of long grass she has.
At last I can breathe a sigh of relief. Yep I finally got human out and about. Sadly we could only walk, it was so very very muddy on the tracks which made it rather slippy.
We headed over towards the next village and turned back when we got there. So not the most exciting ride but even so it was lovely to have my own human back on board.
When we got back Robs human informed us Mel had escaped. No surprise there then.
I got undressed, had my raincoat back on and went back to my field. Sure enough Mel was wandering round munching on her last bit of long stuff.
Human undid the gate to let her have access to her water in the bit of field she was supposed to be enclosed in.
I had my lunch with a side of carrots. Off went human.
Same again tomorrow human?

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