Sunday, 24 January 2016

Long reining

I've moved. Well I've moved into the space where Rosie was. I'm only going to be in there for 3 weeks, there is more grass in there. Mmmmm grass. I did make a mistake by  not eating the hay human put out so she didn't give me any at all today.
The pretty young human came to play today. Young C couldn't make it.
I got to show pretty human all about long reining. Human set up some obstacle course things in the school I had such fun. Human forgot to bring my roller so we made do with my saddle with the stirrups tied to the girth for the reins to go through. It worked ok.
Afterwards I got  breakfast served but I just wanted to get back to my grass so I didn't eat it all.
I went back to my new bit of field, had a nice roll, made an effort to eat some of the hay, made sure human was watching while I did so.
Human and pretty human went off to clean the field. Rosies had left lots of droppings so human has had to remove them as well as mine.

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