Monday, 4 January 2016

First ride of 2016 and a new friend

Human came very early today. Did the jobs and I came in with her. Oh who is this waiting for us on the yard. A very pretty human about the same size as The Grandfoal. She was dressed for riding and had her hat in her hand.
I got tied up by my room. Human and this new human made me all clean and presentable. Then I got dressed. New human popped on and into the school we went. My she rides nicely and unlike human is very light.
We did some circle type stuff and went over trotting poles. Before hearing Archie the dog getting all excited. Who is this? Young C has arrived.
I took new human out for a wee plod round the village. Human and Young C walked with me.
Then it was Young C's turn. She wanted to go in he school and round the village and in the school again. I think Young C would stay on board all day if she could.
I then got my breakfast after getting undressed. Human popped my raincoat on after I'd finished eating. And back to my field we went.
New human and Young C found some carrots for me. Mmmm yum before everyone went off leaving me to munch my pile of hay in peace.
I'm a little sad that I didn't get to take human out, human says there's lots of time for that.
I'm hoping my new human friend is coming back again.

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