Friday, 8 January 2016

A quick plod

Well that was quick. Human arrived in my field bearing a nice pile of hay. This hay is yummy. It smells delicious and tastes good too.
She was just about to start on the cleaning when Odie's human arrived to borrow my cleaning tools. Poor human had to bring me in and let me take her for a wee plod instead of doing the cleaning.
I have to say she didn't seem too distressed about it.
We didn't go far as human needed to get back to her human stable. When we got back to the yard I had a nice yummy lunch before going back to my field.
Human still had to do the cleaning, my tools had been returned to my field. She just got on and did it thankfully without making a fuss.
Off she went saying she was going to see the youngest Grandfoals. About time they came to see me I think.

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