Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Yes human gets it wrong AGAIN

My clean side, you really don't want to see the not so clean side. 

Human was here really really early today. It was still dark for goodness sake. What was this all in aid of I hear you ask?
Well human got it wrong again. Now Tom the hoofy man is due to come and trim my hooflets. In her diary it says he's coming on Weds. Human got it into her head it was today even though she checked her diary and that said it wasn't she thought she had put it in her diary wrong. Silly human. So I came in with her in the dark, went in my room and waited. And waited, and waited. Of course Tom the hoofy man didn't come because as your diary says human HE ISN'T COMING UNTIL TOMORROW.
When it finally dawned on the slow thinking human she decided we could go out for a wee plod as I was in anyway. So I got dressed and we had an early morning plod down the bridlepath and back. The only living things we saw were the sheep. That's fine by me.
When we got back I had some breakfast with the last of the carrots The Stallion had grown me. Mmm yum and went back to my field.
When it got dark human came and asked me if I'd like to spend the night in my room so I am clean and dry for Tom the hoofy man tomorrow. As long as you've put plenty of hay for me to eat I'm happy with that arrangement human.


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