Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Well done human you got it right this time

Human was there early this morning to let me out of my room so she could clean it and make my bed for me.
She got the right day this time. Tom the hoofyman was there when he said he would be so I've had a nice pedicure today. Hooflets look great.
Next time he comes he might or might not be here, let me explain. He is going to be a daddy. Human foal is due at the end of Jan, my next pedicure is due beg of Feb. Note to human: yes it's a Friday.
So depending on whether his new human foal has arrived or not depends on the exact date of my next pedicure. Confused yet?
After Tom had gone I got dressed and took human out for a wee plod. To be honest I wasn't feeling great so human said we could go back early. I then went out to my field for some breakfast and grass.

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