Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My poor friend Mel

Oh dear again. Mels teen rider who human describes as being a perfect mixture of ignorance and arrogance has again had issues. Point one, when Mel takes off and you can't stop her you have not "taken her" for a full on gallop. Human says you can't have a horse that makes the decisions.  You also need to make sure you have secured the girth, and it needs checking after you have been on board for a short while.
Human had forgotten something and came in to my field to fetch it. She saw Mel flying up the bridlepath with no rider so went off to catch her as she came past my field. Which she did. Poor Mel was so distressed and wound up. Human calmed her down a bit and waited for someone to arrive to collect her.
There was another issue today to alarm human. A man and his daughter flying a drone over the bridlepath. Something else to worry human when we are out. I have no idea what these drone things are no doubt I will discover at some point.

The good news is human is finally feeling better. Her human vet said it would take about a week and it has. Hoping human will be back on board soon.

Another loss this year. PJ the film star (he was in Gladiator among other things) who human rode a couple of times a long time ago has died. Better to go out in a blaze of glory than to fade away said his human.

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  1. Oh my a run away horse, thank gooness your human was able to calm her. And drones!! My goodness whatever next? Why do these people need drones?