Sunday, 20 December 2015

Moan, moan, moan

Ergh I have a very very irritated human today. To start with the other person who shares the same gate with me didn't close it or lock it yesterday. Not a good start for human as I could quite easily get out the field with it not locked. The Stallion is going to see if he can sort out some kind of self closing mechanism for the gate so I can't get out if for some reason the gate doesn't get locked. The person didn't help her cause by insisting she locked it. There are only two humans use it and I never went out my field yesterday, it didn't unlock itself did it?
On our yard humans have to do everything. It's a DIY yard. Do It Yourself. No services are offered. The humans help each other out when for some reason a human can't manage to do their own horse.
Last week the mother of one human owner asked my human if she could see to this humans horse. Today my human found out the owner who is in her 20's isn't away at all but can't do her horse because she goes to work. Thousands of owners go to work and manage to do their own horses. To make matters worse the owner actually lives in the village and her house overlooks the field. My boy nuggets human is currently getting up at 4.30 am so she can see to my boy before she goes to work but this princess can't do that. Well she's got to do it now as human has withdrawn her offer.
Anyway enough of humans complaining. Time for some complaining of my own.
Human asked me to come in with her then no going in my room nor did I take her out or any other nice thing. Oh no no no. Instead I get that nasty wormer medicine stuffed in my mouth. Yuk and double yuk.
Thanks for nothing human.
Human checked my weight while I was in. I am losing weight this year. Not able it seems to keep weight on.
So off toddles human to arrange my field to allow me lots and lots of grass, a pile of hay and a nice big cooked breakfast. So a good end to a not so good day.

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