Thursday, 31 December 2015

A new year is about to start.

Well that's another year gone. They just keep flying by don't they?
This year has been mixed as always.
I've gained another Grandfoal, a colt this time. He is just wonderful as are all my Grandfoals.
My eldest Grandfoal was taking me out just me and her together.
I've got a new friend in the next bit of field, a few have come and gone this year but Mel seems to be staying. She is lovely.
In the summer I got my boy Nuggets human and her human colt foal Sam to come and look after me while human and The Stallion. I've taken a great liking to Sam.
Human and I have had some lovely rides out. Met some silly drivers on the roads but way more lovely drivers.
I've made friends with some new dogs that come through my field.
I've helped a human get over her fear of horses.
I get to play with a little human foal Young C who just adores me.
The Stallion has done lots of jobs around the yard. He is making a special box for my hay to go in so it doesn't get blown all out of my field. He is going to be fixing the fence where trees have come down and damaged the fence. And of course he will be bringing me carrots and mints when he comes to photograph me.

The not so good bits
I've lost several of my horse friends who have died. Everyone of them was well loved and cared for by their humans and will be sadly missed. They all leave a legacy of fond memories for anyone who knew them.
Human has been unwell on a few occasions. She had good news at the start of the year, the things in her head hadn't grown so the risk of her head exploding again is much reduced.
In the spring human had several bouts of colic. She had to go to horsepital and have some horrid horrid tests done. She has recently had a relapse and not been good. Seems to be improving well now.
My lovely eldest Grandfoal still isn't riding. She became unwell at beginning of Oct. Has also undergone lots of testing. She is still awaiting the results, hoping it won't be too much longer. I miss her.
Other humans have annoyed my human muchly this year. I will no longer offer my human to see to anyone elses needs apart from one. Anyone wants my human they are going to have to pay lots of carrot money for her services. No one takes my human for granted and gets away with it.

So all my family have survived the year. I'm looking forward to many more years with my wonderful family. I look forward to training my younger Grandfoals and giving them the pleasure of being around horses. I look forward to getting my older Grandfoal back on board. I look forward to taking care of my humans emotional needs and having her take care of my physical ones.

But hey the sun still shines, I have enough to eat, I have humans who love me. Long may it continue.

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