Thursday, 12 November 2015

Weasel lunch

Human had told me I was to have today off. Seems she changed her mind. Because of the weather. We have storms on the way and as today was lovely human said it made sense to go out today.
There were some workmen in the village taking down telegraph poles. They were really nice and said lovely things about me. Clearly they know quality when they see it.
Oh some good news. Grumpy farmer has sold his land. The new owners say we can ride across into the next village.
So guess where human and I went to day? Yep into the next village. Human is far more relaxed going there across the fields than along the busy road.
I had a lovely relaxed time with human today. She wasn't hanging on the reins one bit.
 When we got back I had a quick snooze while human had a cuppa.
Back to my field.
We got to see an amazing sight, a weasel chasing a rabbit no further than a metre away from where human and I were standing. They went off into the woods so I don't know if the rabbit became weasel lunch or not.

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