Tuesday, 10 November 2015

So warm

Finally  I got to go out. Human arrived today, it's rather windy still but dry and very warm. I came in with her. While human was faffing about I got all sweaty just standing still waiting for her. My winter fluff is fabulous but a bit much for the silly weather we are having. We are halfway through November and human is walking around in a short sleeved teeshirt. I am sweating just standing still how strange is that?
We went for a plod down the bridlepath. Saw a lady with a young weimaraner puppy who was loose. She called it and well done that puppy it went straight to it's human to be put on it's lead. It did get rather excited as I walked by I think it wanted to play with me. I understand the getting excited to see me I mean who wouldn't?
On the way home we went round the long way, there is a very elderly dog who has poor eyesight who lives in one of the houses we pass. It startled human when it started barking. I knew it was there but human has stupidly poor hearing (and eyesight and sense of smell).
Back at the yard I get undressed and head back out to my field for my breakfast and some yummy grass to munch. Mel was very pleased to see me, silly girl doesn't like it when I go in.

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