Saturday, 14 November 2015

I decide human not you

Human was here really early today. She is off to have her mane trimmed today. I knew she was in a hurry but well I just had to keep her on her toes, I mean you do don't you? Don't want her thinking she has trained me when we all know the reality is I train her.
As usual she let me onto the big field where all the long grass is. I went up there and was happily a-munching while she did the jobs in my field. She puts my breakfast in my bowl and shouts to me to let me know it's there. So usually I just run down and get it. Well seems to me that human thinks all she has to do is call and I'll come a-running. So today I ignored her.
She wasn't happy about it but well I she can't have it all her own way, I can't let her believe she is in charge all the time.
So up the field she came and told me to get back to my own bit of field, breakfast is waiting. Erm I don't think so human. So I ran down oops and then ran back up again. It's fun watching human huffing and puffing her way up and down the hill trying to herd me back to my bit where my breakfast is.
I decide when I'm coming back and when I'm going to eat my breakfast. I think she got the message eventually.

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