Sunday, 22 November 2015


I'm still here. Bet you've been worried haven't you? I didn't blow away in the storm, my ample figure helped me stay put when all sorts of things were blowing around.
As you might guess I've not done anything exciting.
Then on Friday the wind died down, the rain stopped ....... for a while at least. Great I thought human would be sure to want me to take her out.


Oh dear. I think the universe is conspiring against human. Thurs night she did the most stupid thing. Fell out of bed. Yup. She is rather battered and bruised. Her hand is injured so she can't hold the reins.

Some really awful news. From a village near me someone most likely a human left a bridleway gate open and two horses got out onto a busy road. One is injured but the other one called Stella got killed. Stupid humans.

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