Thursday, 26 November 2015


Human was a bit later today. No matter I went with her to the yard through the village and stood outside my room. I waited, and waited and waited some more. I think she had forgotten me. I know she went to have a cuppa and I could hear her slurping her cuppa. I waited some more.
Other horses came and went, other humans arrived and went and still I waited.
Eventually she remembered I was there and got me brushed ....... hehe yes I had covered myself in mud again....and dressed for riding.
We went out with my friend and her human. All the way to the next village and down one of the bridlepaths. Had a wonderful long trot on the way home up the hill.
Given that human had just left me standing for ages I was especially well behaved just to show her how fantastic I am.
She claims she hadn't forgotten me but needed lots to drink, she has medication that makes her thirsty allegedly.
When we got back I was a bit sweaty. It was warm out and I have my winter fluff. So I got to stand outside my room with my lovely blue fleecy on while I dried off a bit.
Back to my field where I got to show human how I roll in the mud. I took great delight in showing her I can find the muddiest patch in the field to do so. Hah don't forget me again human.

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