Sunday, 1 November 2015

10 years

Happy ownerversary day. I've owned this human for 10 years, well actually I owned her a little before this but stayed at my old humans because I had Nugget with me but it's still 10 years today since I moved to be with my own special human.
It doesn't seem so long. I have taught her so much over the years. She really was so very green when I got her and I've trained her well for the most part.
So as it's such a special day when she came today she brought The Stallion with her. The Stallion brought apples. Mmm nice.
Human moved the fencing to give me a big chunk of long yummy grass to eat. It's been foggy here all day so I didn't get to take human out.
While human was sorting out fencing and stuff I was up the top of the field when a family with a little fairy girl came through. They spent ages making a fuss of me. Human waited until they had gone before calling me down to where my breakfast was.

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