Saturday, 3 October 2015

That didn't go well

Well that didn't go well for human.
Today was the Rare Breeds Show. Off went human, The Grandfoal and Nugs human. Except it didn't go well.
First, several years ago human and Nugs human were at a breed show. There was a horrid man in front of them saying how he was trying to get on the panel of judges. He went on to say how much he disliked Dartdale ponies and when he was a judge wouldn't tolerate them in his ring. I am a Dartdale girl so obviously human wasn't impressed with this. Guess who the inhand judge was today? Oh yes Mr I won't tolerate Dartdale ponies. So that had the humans all cross to start with.
Then my beautiful Grandfoal was taken ill. So they all came back and The Grandfoal had to go to horsepital. She is seeing a specialist within 10days. Hoping it's all going to be ok.
The good news is human got to see me much earlier than she expected today.


  1. I went too. Were any of your relatives there? Might have been good for a gossip but there seemed to be quite a lot of going round in circles (sometimes backwards) and not much grass. Food would have been better at home.
    Hooves crossed for the grandfoal.

    1. Humans are obsessed with circles, I don't get it. I asked human about the grass there she said she didn't see ANY. Wow that's bad.