Friday, 2 October 2015

Rare Breeds Show

Human arrived at her usual time. I went on the long grass to munch while human faffed about.
Human seemed to spend longer than usual on the jobs but I'm saying nothing. It just means I get to spend more time on the long grass.
Eventually I came in with her, got dressed and off we set. We went in the 3acre for a bit of playing about before going down the bridlepath for a wee plod.
When we got back I went in the school to munch while human sat down with a cuppa. Then I went back to my field for a bowl of grub and yet more grass.
Tomorrow human said she is either going to be really early or really late. Human, Nugs human and The Grandfoal are going to the rare breeds show near Cambridge. What a shame I couldn't go as well. Next time maybe?

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