Monday, 5 October 2015

Oh no not again

Human arrived today this morning. I saw her coming from Robs field. Robs human is away this week so he's borrowing my human.
I was looking forward to taking human out.  Human was part way through the jobs when her phone rang. Uh oh, The Grandfoal is ill again. OMF was on her way to pick her up from school. I'm so worried about my Grandfoal. I'm not allowed to take her out until the human vets have decided what is making her ill. I don't like that. We've only just started being allowed out on our own together. It's not fair.
So no surprises when I tell you human rushed off home after finishing the jobs.
We are all so worried about The Grandfoal.


  1. We'll be sending more prayers Grandfoals way

  2. Oh I hope your little grandfoal is soon feeling better, fingers crossed the human vet can help her.

    1. specialist appointment promised within 10 days, so pretty quick. Hooves x'd it's nothing