Saturday, 10 October 2015

New School

What a busy day today. Human arrived very early. Said The Stallion was here as well.
After she had done her jobs I came in with her.
What is all that noise going on in the school? I could see The Stallion with a silly hat on his head. Oh wow why are all those trees lying on the floor.
Oh no human told me The Stallion is sorting out the school. It's going to have a new surface down so we can do more work in there. We might even make dressage divas. Pah, yeah right human. I would make a brilliant dressage diva providing I didn't have you on top.


Once all the trees were down I got dressed and took human out for a wee plod, leaving The Stallion to tidy up. It looks like a lot more room in there now. I might even be able to do proper corners and everything.
Won't be ready for a while yet thank goodness.

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