Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hurrah she's back

Yey human is back. She enjoyed her time away at the spooky castle. I enjoyed my time off.
Today human was super early. I came in and got dressed so I could take her out for a wee plod. I wasn't tired at all......hurrah for feeling better.
In fact I was well up for a warp speed plod. Human not so keen. We did have a wee canter on the way home though I enjoyed that.
I got very warm, the weather here is unseasonably warm and I have my winter woollies on. Human says she doesn't want to shave them off to keep me cool as all too soon it will be winter proper and then I'll wish I had my proper winter woollies so would I mind everso much trying to manage while it's a bit warm outside.


  1. Oh Zoe I do hope you are feelng better, I was thinking of you today when we were out geocaching, I left you a wee note in my blog today. X

    1. How kind Ann. Yes thankyou I am feeling much better. I don't know what was up with me but I got lots of extra food out of it so it wasn't all bad xx