Friday, 23 October 2015

Ghostly goings on

I'm so tired. All the time. I know human is getting worried about me. She thinks it's my age starting to show. The extra food was nice, hell is nice but I'm still tired.
Yesterday we went for a slow plod down the bridlepath, today we went over the road. I've just got no energy. The traffic was horrid today. Not a huge amount but as soon as it became clear one way it started up coming the other. Took us what seemed like ages to get across on the way home.
I'm having next week off, human is going away. She's going to stay in an 11th century castle that is supposedly the most haunted castle in England. I think The Stallion might have a few ghostly pranks of his own up his sleeve. My poor Grandfoal how will she cope?

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