Sunday, 11 October 2015

Three went out, four came back

Well that makes a nice change. The Stallion was here again today clearing the school. He ran out of time to get it finished, just a little bit left to do.
I came in with human and went in my room while human, The Stallion and Robs human had breakfast.
Then an amazing thing happened. Something that is rare for me and human. We went out with two others. So three of us and our humans set out across the road. The road was very busy today for some reason. Unusual on a Sunday. We did lots of walking, a bit of trotting but no cantering today. The humans of course did lots of chatting.
We were on the way back when Rosie and her human caught us up and walked back with us.
The road was equally busy trying to cross to get back home. Lots of standing around.
When we got back breakfast was served. See I have to wait for mine, didn't see human waiting for hers did I?
Back to my field. Human chopped down lots of nettles for me. Mmmm nice.

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