Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Young C's last day of holidays

Yep just as I thought, young C came to visit today.  She enjoyed getting me ready. I have my pretty necklace with bells on it round my neck and I have my showing ribbons in my tail. Little humans like all this pretty stuff. Young C kept telling me how pretty I look.
I got dressed and took her in the school. She loves me taking her for a ride. I took her in the school. Young C has sat on me a few times now so today I thought, I know lets see how she feels about me trotting. I walked her round a bit, changing the rein from time to time. Then I did some trotting. She LOVED it. Started giggling.
After we had done in the school I took her for a wee plod round the village.
Young C gave me my breakfast after we got back, then it was time to take human out. We escorted young C back to her home and set off up the village to the bridlepath. We didn't get far. Grumpy farmer was cutting the hedges back, blocking the bridlepath with his tractor.
Never mind.

On the way back who was waiting for us but young C. She checked with her mum and came with us to take me back to my field.
She practised running round the field with me just like my Grandfoal does.
Sadly young C goes back to school tomorrow so we won't be seeing as much of her. I'll miss her.

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