Sunday, 27 September 2015


What an exciting day.
Human arrived really early. We had planned to go over the road but it was foggy this morning and not safe on the road so we went yet again down the bridlepath. Even so it was a nice wee plod. We met lots of humans and dogs, stopped for lots of chats before coming back to the yard.
Young C turned up and I got to take her out for a wee plod. My second wee plod of the day. We went down the bridlepath a little way today for a change.
I then went back to my field.
Human and Young C went off through the boys field.
Later on loads of humans turned up and started putting up trick fencing in the bit of field next to me.
Then the new girl turned up. She is very pretty and called Melody. Sadly she is being grazed at the top of the field and I am at the bottom. We should meet up soonish as I am starting to work my way up the field by the end of winter we should both be on the whole of our section.

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