Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Scared humans

Yep finally I got to go out. But first the dog walker who is scared of horses came on the yard. Hehehe she asked if she could groom me. Human said yes but you'll have your work cut out. She didn't understand until she walked round the other side of me where I might have got a little bit extra mud on me.  Rolling in the field is one of life greatest pleasures.
Scaredy human then only went on to pick out my feet. She is feeling much less scardey than she was. I then took her in the field and ran round in circles for her.
Human then got me dressed and off we went down the bridlepath for a wee plod. Oops the rain started so we headed home.
Human went off for a drink then you'll never guess. She only almost went home leaving me on the yard. She did. Clean forgot to turn me out. Luckily she remembered before she left.
Back to my field for breakfast.
I do hope we get to do the same tomorrow.

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