Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Human arrived, did all the jobs and we came in together. The new girl was shouting at me asking me where I was going. She didn't seem too stressed about it just curious that I was leaving her. We could hear her shouting all the way through the village.
I got suited and booted which means human wanted me to take her over the road where it's stony. Great. The weather is perfect. A nice long plod out is just what we both need on a day like today.

However when we got to the space centre we had an encounter with the Helichopper today. There is a man who has a helichopper that takes off and lands right next to the bridlepath at the space centre.
I was taking human round the space centre when we heard it start up. Human said lets go home so we turned round. It's so noisy. Doesn't bother me of course but human gets so nervous about these things.
Human you seriously need to stop muttering to yourself all the time. If you've got something to say just say it. This constant muttering on the ZoeCam is very irritating.
When we got back I went back to my field. The new girl Melody is very keen to make friends with me. I am more interested in eating the yummy long grass while I can.

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  1. Ooooooo, I agree helichoppers ain't no biggie. Those helium so though are downright mind blowing.