Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Goodbye Sandi

It's still raining, the nights are drawing in and temperatures are starting to drop. My winter woollies are well on their way. And very very early this morning human turned up with not just my breakfast but a nice warm cooked breakfast. Yum indeed.

Human is very early today because today she gets to say goodbye to one of her long time friends called Sandi.
 Let me tell you about Sandi. When humans offspring were foals she needed someone to look after them while she went to work. Sandi was the (un)lucky person to get the job.
She was very intelligent and wo betide anyone who didn't write using perfect grammar and spelling.  
She was so good at her job that one day human took the day off work and went to collect her human foals from school. The youngest one YMF burst into tears because she wanted to go home with Sandi.
Sandi was very special. She would collect the foals and ask the what they wanted for lunch. If they said something like Pizza they would all to to the shop and buy flour/yeast/tomatoes/cheese and anything else they needed, go back to her stable and get to make their own lunch.
She wasn't a very tidy person, in fact her stable was often very messy. The good thing about this is when you have 5 foals of your own and 3 of humans in the stable it didn't matter how much mess they made she really didn't care.
One day she took all 8 foals to the supermarket. Nothing unusual in that apart from the supermarket was almost 5 miles away and Sandi didn't drive or indeed have a car. What an amazing woman.
Sandi was a very large lady over 6 foot tall, very unusual for a human mare and she liked her grub so carried a few extra lbs (don't we all).
Humans lasting memory of Sandi is of taking her somewhere in her car. Now at the time human drove a mini car. There was something wrong with the passenger door. The image of Sandi getting in the back of the car through the drivers door and indeed getting out again once they arrived at their destination is one that will stay with human for the rest of her life.
I never got to meet Sandi and never will now. She was only 3 years older than my human. So sad. I think I would have liked Sandi.

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