Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Zoe the dressage queen

Human arrived today and asked me to come in with her and said we can do some dressage stuff. Ok now this I like.
I got dressed and into the school we went. We wandered about a bit to warm up then we are off.
Ok human it would help if you knew what we are supposed to be doing. Yeah most humans learn the test before hand. Carrying a bit of paper in one hand and trying to look at it whilst we are going along is not ideal.
You know I would really have done far better without human sat on me but don't think that's allowed.
When human finally got her act together, we did the whole thing, still would have done better without the human.
After that Mrs very pleased with herself human asked me to go round the obstacle course. That human can do without too much trouble. Sometimes I wonder if having ones own human is more trouble than it's worth.
Having done all that I suggested a wee plod round the village to finish off.
I was pleased to go back to my field today. Having a human is such hard work sometimes.

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