Thursday, 27 August 2015

Twiddling my hooves

I'm stood here twiddling my hooves in between eating. Where is human?
Eventually she turned up. Claiming she had had to wait in for a delivery.

I came in with her. I was hoping we could go for a wee plod as we missed out on our plod the day before thanks to naughty boys.
I had just got to the yard when who should turn up but young C. I was pleased to see her. Straight away she got a brush and got started grooming me. Mmmm it felt nice.
I got dressed and took young C for a plod round the village. She didn't have to hold the handle on my saddle today she felt secure enough to just hold the reins. Clever girl. I think her mum is going to have to start saving for a pony don't you?
When we got back human hopped on and young C stayed with Odies human while I took my human for a plod.
When we got back for a second time young C brought me my grub. Do you know what she had been doing while I was out with human? Only making me a pretty necklace. Odie's human just happened to have beads and laces to make one.
Young C then came with me to take me back to my field. She set about doing the cleaning and topping up my water. Doesn't matter what the jobs are she gets stuck in.
Eventually I had to say goodbye. I'm sure she'll be back to see me before long.

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