Sunday, 9 August 2015

Tractors, bikes n buses

Thought you were supposed to be here early human? She never showed up until lunch time **sigh**
I still came in with her, got dressed and we set off to somewhere we've not been for a long long time. It's quite a long plod. We met all sorts of traffic.
Todays driver dick of the day goes to .......a woman. If that car hadn't been going slow because it was going past me it would have embedded itself in your drivers door silly woman.

We got back safely. But my ZoeCam ran out of battery power seems we were out too long. 5.6 miles today. Well done human.
It was funny watching human trying to walk when she got off. Erm bit stiff are we human?
I went back to my field and human went to YMF's house. Not long now until foaling YMF. I hear you resemble a beached whale just now.

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