Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Grandfoal goes solo

The Grandfoal turned up in my field today. No human with her. I came in to find human on the yard lazing about.
The Grandfoal noticed I wasn't walking right. I had a little stone or something stuck in my hoof. Well done Grandfoal for noticing.
The Grandfoal got me dressed, yep did everything even picking out my hooflets. Then she got on. We went over the obstacles that are on the yard ready for our fun day. I didn't like the big stick in the cones though. Human says we can practise at that it's nothing to be scared of.
Then I took The Grandfoal in the school and we had a go at the special dressage test. The Grandfoal was a little confused the first attempt but we got round. Need to do it a few more times I think so she knows what we're doing.
Then, I got to take my Grandfoal out ON HER OWN. Yep just me and The Grandfoal. We went for a quick wee plod round the village. Grandfoal said I still didn't feel quite right to her so we went back to the yard.

I had my breakfast, then got my hair washed before human put some of that smelly stuff on my mane to help keep the flies off.
Human then sits down with a cuppa and lets The Grandfoal take me back to my field. The Grandfoal had just about finished all the jobs when lazy old human arrives.
She is a brilliant Grandfoal. I am looking forward to going on holiday next year to The Grandfoals other Grannys farm. We will have a grand ol' time.

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