Monday, 3 August 2015

Test Dummy

Human was a bit later today.
In a few weeks we are having a "fun" day at the yard. So today I've been testing some of the obstacles, easy peasy. Then I was testing out the "special" dressage test. It's only a walk/trot made up by human test I've been a test dummy. I'd do an awful lot better if I didn't have human sat on me. Apparently that's not allowed **sigh**. With a bit of luck The Grandfoal will ride me on the day or we will have no chance.
After my testing skills I took human for a wee plod around the village and down the bridlepath. We had a quick flying canter on the way home which was nice.
Human got injured on one of the overgrown hawthorn trees that are overhanging the bridlepath and we came home with her blood dripping down her arm. She made such a fuss. It looked far worse than it actually was. Only a scratch despite the amount of blood.
I then had my grub with mint AND carrot today. Human had her cuppa before taking me back to my field.
Tomorrow I get another day off. NG Lola still isn't well enough to go back to nursery so she is spending the day with human and I'm hoping paying me a visit. Hooves x'd.

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