Friday, 7 August 2015

Oh dear

Human arrived this morning. No Grandfoals with her today which is a shame. She did the jobs and asked me to come in with her.
My room was all made up ready for me. Huh? Who's coming?
Human has arranged to ride out with someone this evening. She is busy today so I've come in to save her a bit of time later. Ok don't forget to leave me plenty to eat.
Later on human arrived back on the yard. She sat around. Got up and put more flappy things on the tree. Sat around some more. Faffed about doing nothing, lots of huffing and puffing though.
She got her phone out and tapped it a bit. Then I went back to my field.
The person she was riding with never turned up. Claimed they had just got in from work when human rang......would have been nice to ring and say you're running late but hey ho.
No human can't wait around for another hour. Only when human got home this other person had been posting stuff on facebook. Ooops caught out.
Human says we can go back to doing our own stuff together. Other people are too complicated and irritating. My human is such an unsociable thing.
Early ride tomorrow human?

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