Saturday, 15 August 2015

Grandfoal day

Hurrah my Grandfoal is back. She has been on her holiday to Wales. Went out for a wee plod on a girl called Babe round Snowdon. She had a lovely time.
Now she's come home to me.
She came and got me while human and The Stallion waited in the yard. Grandfoal got me ready pretty much by herself. She did struggle a bit doing up my girth. Honest I was trying to hold my tummy in.
She hopped on, we did a few laps of the obstacles. That presented no issues for either of us. We couldn't go in the school as a visitor to the yard had put her boy in there to graze. So no dressaging today.
Then I got to take my Grandfoal out for a wee plod. We went the long way round the village and met up with human and The Stallion at the top of the bridlepath. Human and The Stallion came with us as far as the bench then Grandfoal and I went off on our own. We did some lovely trotting. The Grandfoal doesn't huff and puff like human does. Clearly she is much fitter.
I showed Grandfoal my turbo trot. She likes that.
Then human went off up the bridlepath and we waited for a bit. I got to canter with my Grandfoal up the track. Sadly there was a dog walker coming down it so we couldn't go very far and had to drop down the gears to walk. What we had was nice. When we got back to the top of the bridlepath human and The Stallion took the short way home while The Grandfoal and I went round the long way.
Back on the yard Grandfoal got me undressed and fetched me some much needed grub. 
I walked back to the field with Grandfoal, human and The Stallion joined us in the car.
What a lovely day I've had. Tomorrow I'm hoping to do some dressage with The Grandfoal. Won't that be fun.


  1. Oh bless you Zoe holding your tummy in, not easy is it lol? You sound as if you had a lovely time with your grandfoal. Hopefully end of this month 3 of our granddaughters will be up a visit :-)

    1. 3 out of 4 grandfoals is a good amount to have visiting. I like grandfoals, they are the best.
      No holding it all in is not easy. Once you've had a foal or two or in my case about 9 your tummy is never quite the same again. I do my best.