Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Ah things didn't turn out as human expected today.
Human arrives very early and I come in with her. She said we were going to have a quick wee plod down the bridlepath. Great I thought. I'm up for that.
We got to the yard, human got out my brush when who should arrive but young C who lives across the road. She is 6, a sweet pony mad young filly.
She fetches a brush and sets about brushing me. When brushing was over I got dressed and human asked young C if she would like a ride. Her face lit up. Would she ever.
Human put the lead rein on, young C got on and off we all set for a quiet plod round the village.
When we got back human got on. Young C was upset that she could come with us. Too far and we would be going too fast.....or so we thought.
Said goodbye to young C, returned her to her home and off we set at a cracking trot up the village to the bridlepath.
Down the bridlepath we went, oh heck what's that? Uh oh only the boys. All out of their field and careering down the bridlepath towards the next village. Ooops.
Human phoned the three owners. One didn't answer but the other two did and were available to come over to help find them.
I took human back to the yard and went in my room while human set off in pursuit of the escapees.
She soon found them but catching them was another matter. By this time Storms human had arrived to help. She was able to catch Storm and the other two decided it would be a good idea to follow him.
They went in my field while the humans went hunting for where they had escaped from and fix it. Then they went back to their own field.
The humans arrived back on the yard and all sat down yakking with a cuppa or three.
I got my (by this time) very late breakfast and went back to my field.
By the time human left it was 5.5hrs since arriving on the yard. Oops.

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