Saturday, 1 August 2015

Let's go really early she said

Let's go really early human said. The roads will be nice and quiet human said.
 We went round the triangle. We met a very smiley co-op lorry driver, we had stopped to let him out of a side road though. We met super fast flashy lights on police cars flying past us at a million miles an hour.
Off the main road and onto the side road. Now normally if there is a car stuck behind us because of an obstruction we hop on the verge and let them go. We're not in any hurry. We don't ride on the verge because of all the litter that horrid humans throw out and you can't see holes because of the grass.
Today some idiot didn't want to give us time to get on the verge it decided it would overtake, minor issue, there was a car on the other side coming straight at it. It made it without hitting this other car........just.
We made it home safely after meeting another speedy flashy police car whizzing by.
Took a while to into the yard as someone had been on the yard and locked the gate really tight with the lock on backwards. Not easy for human to hold me with one hand and deal with the lock with the other.
I assume they thought no one was around as human's bike was in my room. But get in we did. Breakfast for me, cuppa for human.
Same time tomorrow human?


  1. Oooooh they were speedy flashy police cars! I have been on the jaunt with you Zoe whilst I sit here 😉 x

  2. Ate you joining us tomorrow Ann? 6.30am

  3. Errrrr errrrrr can I take a rain check Zoe ? 😉x

    1. Well you missed out on a lovely quiet plod. Hoping human will come this early again.