Monday, 17 August 2015


Oops I got caught. I accidentally managed to break through the fencing last night. So it would have been rude not to go and try some of the lovely yummy long grass the other side of the fence wouldn't it?
I made sure that when human arrived this morning I was back in "my" side of the field so she wouldn't notice. I had my best innocent face on. Ooops she noticed the broken fence, noticed the innocent  face and oh no noticed the lack of droppings "my" side.  My careful plan busted. Must remember to go back on my side to poo.
So as punishment......human claimed it was a precaution not punishment but I know what I know. I spent the day in my room. Human left me some hay but honestly I was so full of grass I didn't want it. Human claims she was worried for my health after I had been on a binge. If only she worried as much about her own health and yes she has been on a binge before now.
Still it was nice and peaceful on the yard in my room. I had a good snooze.
Human came back later on and I went back to my field. Guess the trick will be on now human huh?

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