Sunday, 2 August 2015

A lovely QUIET plod

Human was even earlier today. No one was around, all sensible humans were still tucked up in their stables.
Human said today we were going somewhere we've never been before. Ok, how exciting. I got suited and booted, then we set off. It was very very early. Even earlier than yesterday. The road was super quiet. No speeding police cars, no impatient drivers, just gently plodding.
Up the main road to the next village, past the business park where Sam works, no he wasn't there. This is where we venture onto new territory.
On we went. Up to the traffic lights. We needed to turn right which can be a bit tricky there. Human said as we came close, if there is too much traffic we will do a slight detour. As it happens it wasn't needed. Right we went.
Down a windy lane and back onto familiar territory. We joined the bridlepath by the cemetery. Never approached it from this end before although we've ridden down it many times.
Up by the space centre there was a farmer trimming back the hedges right near the track. Doesn't bother me but it made human a little tense. I calmed her down and we got past with no issues. Past the dumped mattress. Apparently this is what humans sleep on, how strange only not out on a bridleway.
Back onto the not very busy busy road. Again we were able to just cross the road without having to wait for a clear space.
Back to the yard for breakfast.
Red was just getting ready to go out. Saffy staff was out in the yard. She is a good doglet. I got undressed and had my breakfast. I went in the school for a munch while human had a much needed cuppa.
Fabulous days plodding human and we were out for over an hour and a half. Longest we've been out in forever. You were very brave. Must do it again soon.

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