Saturday, 11 July 2015

Taking my Grandfoal out for a hack

I was busy a-munching when The Grandfoal turns up. No human just The Grandfoal. Oh well first time for everything. She put my headcollar on and asked me to come in with her. Wondering where human was I still of course did as The Grandfoal asked.
When I got on the yard, Bob and Meg were there with their humans. My human was around the place somewhere.
I got dressed for riding as did Bob and Meg.....oh yes I'm going out with them and guess what? I'm only taking my Grandfoal not human just my Grandfoal. Fan-blooming-tastic.
We didn't go far, just round the village a couple of times. Did a bit of trotting and back to the yard.
Hehehe human says it's just as well The Grandfoals bus pass doesn't cover the buses to where I live and it's too far for her to walk or I might just get Zoe-napped by The Grandfoal.


  1. Oooooooo, that's wonderful. I'm imagining our Lincoln joining them someday!

    1. Ooh yeah wouldn't that just be great. Hows the little fella doing? Young Grandfoal Lola loves coming to see me to help human with the jobs, Not convinced her to get on for a ride yet but she will I have no doubts eventually.