Friday, 3 July 2015


Human arrived a little earlier than she has been doing. That's ok. I came in with her. I stood having a quick snooze on the yard with the handsome new boy Odie stood snoozing next to me. Human was having a cold drink and getting herself dressed for riding.
Then I got dressed for riding.
Today we did the triangle ride. Again the busy road was un-busy. I did feel human tense up at one point. We could hear an emergency vehicle coming.....why it's always at a corner I don't know.....sure enough it flew round the corner coming towards us. Lights and siren on go go go. As soon as the driver spotted us he turned the noisy sirens off. Thanks human is rather nervous you know.
We met a big motorbike who slowed right down and waved to us, that was nice.
Off onto the side roads. Lots of cars about, no silly drivers today at all. Much easier when human doesn't have that death grip on the reins.
Back to the yard in time for a shower and lunch. Fresh mint in my lunch today. A bit of a snooze then I went back to my field.

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